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Happy Birthday to All the Pisces and Aries Spending Their B-Days Socially Distancing

Including yours truly.

John Boyega, a Pisces icon, celebrating his birthday with naruto cake

With cities on lockdown and the importance of social distancing as we combat the COVID-19 coronavirus, that means sacrificing some of the pleasures we would usually enjoy for the sake of our larger communities. That doesn’t make it not sad, especially for those of us who were looking to spending our birthdays with friends and family. For the next few weeks, this period of isolation will fall over the birthdays of two of the most wonderful groups of people: those with Pisces and Aries suns.

To be so bold, we don’t deserve it. Yes, there are lots of Pisces serial killers, but overall, they are a wonderful group of people. Some of my favorites: Rihanna, my mother and brother, Naoko Takeuchi, The Mary Sue’s own Kaila Hale-Stern, and of course, John “Jedi” Boyega. Boyega celebrated his birthday with a Naruto cake and what I’m hoping is a gathering of fewer than 10 people. (Stand six feet apart!)

It was a little reminder that we are all trying to do our best. A lot of people are discovering that they are not the homebodies and introverts that they expected to be in a crisis. Rather than reading all of Swann’s Way, they are binge-watching Beastars, and instead of enjoying the lack of social obligation to be outside, they find themselves actually missing … people. It’s a shock to the system.

I’m honestly quite sad that I’ll be spending my 28th birthday (most likely) at home. Birthdays have been a mixed bag for me, emotionally, ever since I was a child, due to my own mental health issues, and as an adult, going out and spending time with friends wasn’t just about being sociable; it was about feeling less alone.

So for everyone who has had a birthday during this time and will be having a birthday, yet is going to be responsible by keeping the festivities down to a Skype group call: happy birthday! You may not be able to celebrate this the way you’d like, but this will not last forever, and by making a small sacrifice now, you are doing the work to flatten the curve—and that matters.

Still, I want to wish all of you out there a happy birthday! If I could make all of you an anime-themed cake of your choice, I would, but I can’t, so here is Stevie Wonder singing “Happy Birthday.” Put your birthday down below and get your birthday wishes!

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