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Amanda’s Favorite Scene From Hannibal, Episode 2.6


Editor’s Note: Amanda’s mom told us that she’d make sure her daughter delivered her Hannibal commentary by Monday every week, and so far she has. WHAT’S HAPPENING?

Hannibal 2.6 Futamono

It’s funny, in one of Eddie Izzard’s stand-up specials he muses briefly on how cannibals claim that human flesh “tastes of chicken.”  In my favorite scene this week, Izzard’s character, Dr. Abel Gideon, was served his own leg, and a glorious opportunity for riffing was wasted.  If you have Eddie Izzard in your show, I mean, you might as well use him.  Sure, he acts well, but think of the riffing, man!  Tastes of Izzard!  Thank you for flying The Food Is People, leg or death?

I did enjoy how Gideon seemed just mildly annoyed at being forced to consume his own flesh.  Classic Gideon.  Always just a tad uncomfortable with the horrors around him.

I think we can all agree, though, that this week’s episode will forever be known as “The One Where Dr. Alana Bloom Made Decisions She’s Going To Regret A Lot”.  Alana.  Girl.  You slept with a guy that eats people.  You can’t bounce back from that.  Sure, like most of the characters on this show you probably have not realized yet that your new lovah eats people.  And, yes, he’s good-looking, European, he has nice suits, makes the harpsichord sexy, and sometimes his shirt comes off, but he f###ing eats people and you are going to be so messed up when you find out.  Alana, you in danger, girl.

Finally, I think Chilton has become my new favorite character.

How weird is that?

Amanda LaPergola is a New York-based actor and writer.  She tweets @LaPergs.  She also realizes that it would have been great to bring Eddie Izzard back two episodes ago, because “COVERED IN BEES!!!”

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