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Hannibal Blooper Reel Is Just as Hilarious as You’d Hoped, Plus Season Three Info From SDCC

The best kinds of spoilers!

Yesterday afternoon at SDCC there was a panel on everyone’s favorite murder drama, Hannibal. The best reveal was this condensed version of the season two blooper reel, the full version of which will appear on the DVD. Even this shorter version showcases how much more hilarious bloopers are when delivered by characters that are supposed to be so serious. Mads Mikkelsen forgetting how to tie a tie as Hannibal somehow manages to make such a creepy character seem so endearing!

Warning: Season three spoilers beyond this point.

Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen couldn’t actually make it to the panel this year, but both made an appearance in video greetings to pleasantly surprise fans. Showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed a little bit about the upcoming season as well. Fan-favorite Eddie Izzard will make a return appearance as Dr. Abel Gideon in a flashback sequence. Dr. Chilton (Raúl Esparza) will also come back after being shot in the face in season 2; Esparza joked about his character returning complete with “eye patch, hump, and parrot.” There are also a lot of fun book characters getting thrown into the mix as well.

The biggest details revealed were how exactly season 3 is going to be laid out. Essentially, it will be like getting 2 seasons for the price of one—very similar to how The Walking Dead has been. The first half will focus on Hannibal after his escape, with the second half focusing more on Will. There isn’t a set date for the premiere yet, so we’ll have to wait with baited breath until then!

(via Entertainment Weekly, Deadline)

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