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‘Halloween Ends’ Ending Explained

Halloween Ends, like seriously ends

Major spoilers ahead for Halloween Ends!

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Polarizing is the perfect word to describe Halloween Ends (2022). There are valid criticisms and considering I’m coming at this fresh (I literally saw it tonight, the 13th), the movie is still lingering in my mind. It’s not a perfect Halloween entry, but it does something vastly different. Essentially going into this movie without major expectations will help your viewing experience. Go into it prepared for weirdness and interesting turns.

Here’s the official synopsis of the film:

“The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode comes to a spine-chilling climax in this final installment of this trilogy.”

– Universal Pictures

Ending Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis)’s journey is still very bittersweet. Of course, it doesn’t erase her legacy as a final girl. It does, however, mean that if the Halloween franchise is revived again, it won’t involve Jamie Lee Curtis. That’s something that she’s made peace with, and eventually we’ll have to do it as fans. Halloween Ends (2022) certainly gives Laurie/Michael’s story a certain kind of send-off. Time jumps do occur, folks. It may not be satisfying to everyone but the ending to this movie works to me.

What’s the ending of Halloween Ends?

After Allyson (Andi Matichak)’s boyfriend Corey (Rohan Campbell) is killed by Michael (primarily played by James Jude Courtney), rendering his attempt to frame Laurie useless, the showdown begins. With Michael not being able to essentially coach Corey on the art of killing anymore (yes, Corey became a serial killer), his sights are back on Laurie. Michael hasn’t finally come to the understanding that Laurie is a fighter. They scrap in her kitchen and both of them get banged up and Laurie uses all her strength to stay alive. She does get the best of The Shape and stabs/slices him up like a turkey, with Allyson delivering the final blow to keep her grandma from dying with him.

While the movie could’ve easily ended with Laurie and Allyson, it doesn’t. The idea of Michael returning is too much for everyone, so Laurie, Allyson, and the remaining Haddonfield residents drive out to where Corey worked. In dramatic fashion, they put Michael’s body near the car waste shredder, with Allyson being the one to turn it on and Laurie being the one to kick him in. That marks the end of Michael and the havoc he’s caused for Laurie’s loved ones.

Laurie’s final moments are her putting the final touches on her memoir, and it’s a fitting end because she’s not overcome with pain. She knows her story with Michael is finally over, and she can rest knowing that. This H40 timeline ending is a comforting ending for a final girl, especially Laurie, who helped inspire many final girls after her.

Is Michael Myers truly dead?

In this trilogy? He’s very much dead. If anyone decides to bring this franchise back to life (it may be wise, unless the idea is really good to let it be), it won’t be this version of Michael, considering he was stabbed, sliced up, and then crushed and ripped apart by the metal waste shredder.

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