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Hack Into the System To Get Your First Look at ‘Secret Invasion’

Nick Fury looks at the camera, not wearing an eyepatch. He has scars around his unseeing eye, which is white.

Fans should be getting excited for the upcoming Marvel series Secret Invasion, and now you can hack into the system for a sneak peak! In preparation for the release on June 21, Marvel has given fans the chance to hack into the system and treat themselves to a look at five minutes of the series. And let me tell you, the minute I started typing in a passcode to try and access it, I felt like I was Natasha Romanoff.

To see the footage is simple: fans just have to go to and type in the code! To be fair, you’re never going to figure out what the password is on your own so you might as well just cheat and copy and paste. Even in doing that, it still feels very spy-esque in a way that has me very excited to see what exactly Secret Invasion has in store for us all.

The footage we see features Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) talking to someone about the Skrulls, and it is giving Charlie Day screaming “CAROL” in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Still, the scene is simple but it really is the act of “hacking” into the website to see it that makes it worthwhile. The footage ends with the new trailer for Secret Invasion, which was released earlier this week.

When you think about it, we haven’t gotten a lot of information about Secret Invasion as a whole, but that’s a good thing because it’s all about knowing who you can and cannot trust, and I like how in the dark we are about what to expect from the series. If anything, this website and footage release is the most we know about it. And I can’t wait!

A perfect way to get excited about Secret Invasion

Of all the titles in Marvel’s upcoming slate, the rollout for Secret Invasion has been the most understated. That’s not necessarily a bad thing given the context of the series; it’s all about hiding in plain sight. What works about it is things like this. Putting the word out there about the site, giving fans something that puts us in the midst of the action and makes it feel like we have our own heist to take on? It’s a perfect promotional ad for the series.

Look, it’s hard to promote this show at all without giving secrets away. We know that Nick Fury and company are dealing with the Skrulls, and given their ability to change their appearance, it’s making for a lot of moments where you don’t know who to trust. Doing too many ads for the show would, frankly, give too much away, so this is a nice way to get fans invested while still being mysterious about what Secret Invasion has in store.

Now my question about the scene is simply: Everett Ross was 100% a Skrull right? No questions asked?

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