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Guild Wars 2 Launches August 28th


Finally, the wait is over. Executive producer Mike O’Brien announced that Guild Wars 2 will launch on Tuesday, August 28th. Two more months to Tyria!

O’Brien revealed the much-awaited date on the ArenaNet Blog, and bringing to a close the beautiful laborious journey that is the making of Guild Wars 2. The announcement came after yesterday’s stress test, and evidently the results were good enough for the team to pin down a release date, the perfectionists. With the final Beta Weekend Event scheduled for July 20-22, players who pre-purchased the game have just one more weekend with their beta characters before they are wiped for the launch. So say your goodbyes. It has been a marvelous journey.

Looks like this ad seen at Fry’s wasn’t that much off the mark.

(via ArenaNet Blog)

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