Look At This Crazy Laptop: GScreen's Spacebook

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For those video editors and graphic designers on the go, GScreen’s Spacebook is a laptop that employs the other definition of “space,” in that it provides double the screen real estate than those old, one-screen Stone Age laptops ever provided, not that this is some sort of astronaut MacBook. The Spacebook sports two HD 17-inch 1920 x 1080 LED monitors that slide out from the central point to create a dual-monitor configuration on a laptop, creating a machine that the rogue video editor can use while traversing the globe, doing whatever things rogue video editors do while traversing the globe.

The laptop comes with either a Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM, 500 gigs of storage, NVIDIA’s GeForce GTS 250 (1 GB), and a DVD burner, for those who haven’t moved to the cloud as of yet. Though the laptop is portable, the thing weighs in a 10 pounds, not particularly heavy enough to warrant a different purchase if you’re in dire need of screen real estate, but also have locational ADD.

The lower-end model runs $1,899, while the higher-end, Core i7 model will burn a $2,099 shaped-hole in your laptop bag, but that’s because the 10 pound beast probably won’t fit in your current laptop bag. If you buy it, you can tell people that you have the new astronomy model MacBook, at least.

(via Engadget)

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