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Grunting Gone Wild: New Radio Player Cuts The Noise

Tennis fans rejoice! There is now a way to get around having to listen to the back and forth volley of grunts traded by tennis players. Only coming to light as a problem recently, grunting by tennis players has gotten a lot of ridicule for being unnecessary and distracting. But, the BBC has come to the rescue, releasing an experimental online radio player that allows users to turn down players’ grunts for all the matches on the center court at Wimbledon.

The player, called NetMix, is hosted on the BBC’s Radio Five. It allows users to change the relative volume of commentary and noises on the court. However, the player is still working out some kinks. For example, it can’t distinguish between the unseemly grunting and the noise of the ball on the racquet, so all on-court noises are lumped together. The BBC is only offering the player during live coverage of the matches, and while the tournament may be winding down, if it proves to be successful, it could be implemented in subsequent matches or even for other sports.

(via Yahoo UK)

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