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The Internet Has Discovered That Baby Yoda Makes a Perfect Christmas Tree-Topping “Angel”

Grogu IS my sweet baby angel.

Grogu in The Mandalorian's "The Tragedy" on Disney+.

Do you know who is a sweet baby angel? Grogu. So you know who should be on the top of your Christmas tree this year? Grogu. That’s right, fans of The Mandalorian have taken to putting “Baby Yoda” on top of their tree, and seeing the love for this little green baby warms my motherly heart. (He is my son, and no one will take that from me.)

For whatever reason—perhaps his perfect size and fashion sense when it comes to angel topper alternatives—fans all over the place are putting Grogu on top of the tree this year, and honestly? Good. We need a little fun in our lives, and if that means putting the Child as our “angel,” then so be it.

The love for Grogu from last year to this year has only grown, there’s no doubt about it, but there is also an advantage: There is a lot more merchandise to choose for your tree topper this time around. Last year, as The Mandalorian premiered, we were all obsessed with the Child and wanted toys and gifts for the holidays, but I don’t think Disney and Lucasfilm (despite their insistence that they did) knew how big of a deal Grogu was going to be.

Flashforward to the release of the second season, and there is Grogu everything. I should know; I own 90% of it. (I still want that ColourPop eye shadow, and there are other things I still don’t own and want. Isn’t the first step admitting I have a problem?)


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Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially since we are already buying all of these Grogu things and might as well put them to good use, but whatever. It makes for fun Christmas trees that I want, and now I have a new desire for the future.

If my future husband does not want to have Grogu on our tree, he’s not the one. Simple as that.

Is Grogu on the tree going to be a happy event after the season 2 finale for The Mandalorian this week? That’s another story because … right now, it’s not looking too great. But at least our sweet son is illuminated on top of our tree to get us through this very strange holiday season.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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