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Greg Abbott’s Cruel Stunt Showed Us What Christmas Is All About

Ceramic figures of the nativity scene.

Yet again, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has shown his ass to the world by engaging in human trafficking to own the libs. This time, though, he plumbed his own depths of vileness and depravity, sending three buses of migrants to Kamala Harris’s house on Christmas Eve.

The temperature in Washington, D.C. was reportedly 14 degrees—one of the coldest nights on record—when the buses carrying 130 people arrived. According to The New York Times, some of the people on the buses were wearing only T-shirts. They were forced to stand in the cold while aid workers scrambled to find accommodations for them.

Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pulled a similar stunt last fall when they tricked 48 migrants into boarding flights to Martha’s Vineyard. Both governors have been clear from the start that they’re deliberately using migrants as props to help them score points with their base. In an open letter to President Biden last week, Abbott wrote that “the need to address this crisis is not the job of border states like Texas.”

In the letter, Abbott also tries to frame the stunts as a way to keep immigrants from “freezing to death on city streets,” but that excuse rings pretty hollow when he’s dumping people on a sidewalk in 14-degree weather.

Greg Abbott shows us the true meaning of Christmas

On Twitter, multiple people posted an illustration by Everett Patterson called “José y Maria” in response to Abbott’s stunt. The drawing reimagines Mary and Joseph as a Latinx couple in a modern setting, trying to find shelter outside a motel in the rain.

Many other people on social media pointed out that Abbott’s behavior is pretty much the opposite of what Christianity teaches.

Even those of us who aren’t Christian can see the blatant symbolism in Abbott’s actions—but he’s not playing the part in this story that he thinks he is. While Abbott spent the holiday stewing in his own cruelty and racism, the migrants and aid workers in D.C. spent Christmas Eve reenacting the mercy and compassion that Jesus taught his followers. Thanks for the reminder of what Christmas is all about, Greg.

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