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New Green Lantern Pics Revealed

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly made the big reveal: The first look at Ryan Reynoldstotally CG Green Lantern costume would be on the cover of this week’s issue. And now that the issue is out, we can get a nice look at all the other pictures, inside the article itself.

In the scans below (courtesy of iFanboy) you can catch a glimpses of Hector Hammond (pre and post giant head), Amanda Waller, a proto-Star Sapphire, and Abin Sur himself.

  • Just as it says, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, before…

  • And after his head embiggening incident.  Also picture are Tim Robbins as Senator Hammond, and Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller, one of my favorite obscure DC characters ever since the first story arc of Superman/Batman.

  • Next up, Hector Hammond, and, if you get all squinty eyed, Abin Sur.

  • Oh, right and there’s a female lead, Blake Lively.

  • And the big shot with the ring design that we cropped at the top of the post:

Click all to embiggen.  For the whole costume, see our post from yesterday here.

(scans via iFanboy.)

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