Gotham Is Named Television’s Most Promising New Show, And Its Best-Named Villain Gets a Featurette

No, not Ivy Pepper, you joker.

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Batprequel Gotham‘s not even out yet and it’s already getting snapped up by Netflix and winning awards. The 220+ members of the Television Critics Association have voted Gotham the year’s Most Promising New Show and Most Promising New Drama, awards that last year went to Agents of SHIELD and The Blacklist, respectively. It’s not the hugest deal—Did everyone who voted watch the pilot? More episodes? “Most promising” has tinges of “people will like this one, I guess,” so what are your voting standards? Is this just a PR grab on the behalf of the TCA?—so here, have a Fish Mooney featurette to chew on.

Gotham premieres Monday, September 22nd. Who’s watching?

(via Collider, Pajiba)

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