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The Guardians of the Galaxy Mix-Tape Dance Party Is Coming To Disney World

I want to go to there.

GOTGDanceWe know you’ve been dancing around to “Awesome Mix, Vol. 1” since Guardians of the Galaxy came out. We know you’ve “Ooga Chaka’d” your way downtown in your car, or on the subway. It’s okay. We’ve been doing it too. And apparently, the folks at Disney know how much we all love it, because they’re bringing a GOTG Mix Tape Dance Party to Walt Disney World.

On August 23rd at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, WDW is hosting a one-night special event called “Villains Unleashed,” where you can hang out with 50 different Disney villains and participate in jams like the “Hades Hangout.” But since the GOTG soundtrack has skyrocketed (you might say) to number one on the Billboard charts, Disney has decided to incorporate everyone’s newest fave anti-heroes into the event. From the Disney Parks Blog:

For those of you attending [Villains Unleashed], be sure to duck into Stage 5 in the Animation Courtyard with your fellow Terrans, where the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party promises to be the hottest spot this side of Knowhere with an out-of-this-world DJ and other surprises. Plus, you never know when Star-Lord and his infamous teammate, Gamora, might crash the party to retrieve his prized cassette!

So basically you get to hang out and dance your galactic butt off to the Guardians mixtape and, presumably, lots of other amazing ’70s and ’80s tunes? And I’m assuming you can dress up like Rocket and no one will care? Can Star-Lord swing by in the Milano and whisk me off to Orlando for a night? Please?

(via CBR, image via Tori Grant)

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