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Don’t Worry, The Monstrous New Goosebumps Trailer Isn’t Slappy Happy

Cause not all of us like dummy fun.

Beware, you’re NOT in for a scare when you watch this international trailer for the Goosebumps movie. And I’m not just saying that because, let’s face it, this looks more like a horror comedy for kids than a kiddie horror movie. I’m also saying that because there’s barely any Slappy in sight!

While, sure, there are lots of other Goosebumps monsters that gave us, well, goosebumps back in the day (look at them all on this trailer!), the one that seems to still chill kids and adults to the bone is that damn living dummy. Maybe it’s his creepy smile. Maybe it’s his, you know, murderous bent. But the fact is, when Slappy’s around, no one’s happy (unless, of course, you’re getting to beat him at his own game in a video game). And that’s maybe why they decided to minimize his role in this otherwise silly (like, really silly in a way that involves Jack Black deodorizing to scare off the Werewolf of Fever Swamp) trailer.

Some may argue that considering the fact that Slappy is going to be one of main villains of the Goosebumps movie, it’s kinda weird to not to have a few shots of him in there. But I say that let’s keep the dummy in his case until we need to see him because A) we want at least some of the movie to be a surprise, and B) dude is damn scary!


(via SlashFilm, image via giphy)

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