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Google's Flights Search Takes Off

Google debuted its Flight Search yesterday, which launches for a select group of U.S. cities that will have various airline search options displayed in a familiar Google Maps style format. The beta Flight Search isn’t really presenting the online world with a new way to track flight data, but it is filling a gap in the otherwise fairly solid Google tool lineup, and is pretty handy for people accustomed to using Google and its tools for their every day Internet needs. Though where it seems to simply be filling a gap, Google Flights has all of Google’s tools that it could integrate into a future update of the service, making the potential of Google Flights much more interesting than the current, fairly standard version.

Simply head to Google Flights and type in the starting and destination point, and Google will do its magic and quickly provide a bunch of information, including the different airlines, airports, how many tickets are still available on which flight, and how much each ticket costs. As one can see below, the service also provides various filters to help a potential traveler refine their flight options.

Google Flights is, smartly and kind of obviously, integrated into the main Google search, and will integrate the below blip of information into the standard search engine results.

At the moment, Google Flights is limited, though useful tool, but one can only assume Google will grow the service into a unique product at some point in the future. Check out Google’s introductory video below.

(via Search Engine Land)

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