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New Consensual Sex App Could Help Partners Ensure That Yes Means Yes

Where's the "I just want pizza" option?

Yesterday we wrote about California’s Affirmative Consent Law, the first state legislation to distinguish the difference between consent and a lack of objection. Part of the new law requires State Universities and Universities where students are eligible for state funding to teach incoming freshmen about consent and sexual assault; and, like everything else, it appears there’s an app for that.

Yes, the above video’s after-school-special vibes might undermine Good2Go’s awesome potential, but the more knowledgeable we can be of our partners’ sobriety levels or enthusiasm, the better, right? Using G2G might be an awkward method of propositioning someone, but if it facilitates important conversations between potential partners than I’m game. Besides, if someone doesn’t respect the need for communicating consent–even through a potentially stilted medium–then they’re probably not getting near this booty. Maybe the app also serves as a quick compatibility test?

My biggest concern as a user would be entering my number onto a stranger’s phone (sure, G2G is “secure,” but is it “post-nude-picture-leak-secure?”). What do you guys think? Would you ever use G2G or a similar platform? Do you think it could help change prevailing attitudes surrounding consent?

(via Mashable)

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