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GoldieBlox’s First App Will Teach Kids About the Magic Of… Gif-Making?

Yeah ok.

Y’all should be aware that I’m a big fan of movies, gifs, and girls learning about science (specifically, in this case, the science of early motion pictures and the zoopraxiscope). But my favorite thing about the trailer for GoldieBlox’s first app has to be the little girl version of the trailer guy voice they have going. IN A WORLD… WHERE GIRLS ARE TOLD FROM A YOUNG AGE THAT THEY ARE INHERENTLY INFERIOR IN MATH AND SCIENCE TO THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS… ONE COMPANY IS DETERMINED TO BRING ABOUT GENDER BALANCE IN STEM FIELDS OR DIE TRYING. Featuring the vocal talents of MythBusters‘ Kari Byron and Emily Haines of the band Metric! Online in the iOS app store now!

GoldieBlox has also launched the new “online playground” BloxTown, which according to the official press release offers “interactive components, instructions to invent more, and educational tutorials that further develop kids’ engineering skills.” If you click “Goldie” (as in GoldieBlox’s mascot) and then “Pets,” you can read a little bit about Goldie’s cat, who, need I remind you, is the best-named cat in the entire fictional world. BENJAMIN CRANKLIN.

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