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Godzilla “Craves Italian,” Pukes in New Fiat Ad

What's a great way to advertise our car? "I don't know, how about a metaphor for the atomic bomb!"

The Godzilla reboot trailer might have made me forget all about Matthew Broderick and Puff Daddy, but sadly, the re-imagined monster just upchucked some of its new gravitas. One of the best views of Godzilla yet comes courtesy of this car commercial—too bad his (or her) dignity isn’t intact.

Obviously, movie makers gotta get those Benjamins, so I’m in no way less excited for May 16th based off this ad’s absurdity. But, it would probably be a good idea for the reboot to disassociate itself as much as possible from the Matthew Broderick version, and this ad even seems to reference it.

Here’s a similar clip from the 1998 movie. Car-chomping action starts at around 5 minutes.

(via io9, image via FIAT USA)

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