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Mark Hamill Coins My New Favorite Catchphrase: “Go Force Yourself”


Widely beloved Internet uncle Mark Hamill has struck again. Hamill, our favorite Skywalker not actually named Organa, is an inventive and delightful user of social media. He had some choice words in response to a tweet that Star Wars was “an insidious capitalist plot.”

Bless you, Mark Hamill, for single-handedly making the Internet a better place to be. The irreverent Hamill often interacts with and retweets fans, and is unabashed about his anti-Donald Trump political stance. (Never forget that every now and then he reads Trump’s tweets aloud as the Joker, because Mark Hamill is a true gift.)

Hamill’s attention was drawn to a tweet about a Soviet propaganda book that claims Return of the Jedi was capitalist propaganda to further the military space race, with the warning text overlaying a picture of Luke Skywalker ready to swing his gold bikini-clad sister to safety.

How do the Soviets explain the Ewoks, who seem to live off the land without a dedicated economy, or the obvious evil of the rich-as-Croesus Jabba the Hut? But I digress, because Hamill had the best retweet response to this:

According to Google translate, what Hamill actually managed to tweet in Russian comes out as “Go on yourselves, comrades,” but it’s the thought that counts.

I’m now going to say “Go Force yourself” in response to literally every situation where it isn’t quite appropriate for me to use the curse word. Other options: “Force you!” “Are your Forcing kidding me?” “What a Forcer.” Okay, I could do this all day.

Hamill wasn’t done having fun with translators or with the politics of Star Wars. A Twitter account that Tweets as a satirical North Korean news outlet pointed out,

To which Hamill replied,

He later clarified that translators had failed him again and he meant to reply “That’s MISTER lazy peasant to you” in Korean. Of course now I’m sitting here thinking about how much of Star Wars actually can be considered space race-era pro-capitalist propaganda even if it pits a vast and terrible Empire against upstart scrappy rebel heroes and please excuse me while I disappear down a rabbit hole of researching this.

But one thing is for sure—I Forcing love you, Mark Hamill. Please never change.

(via, image: Lucasfilm/Disney)

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