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This is Not a Drill: Girl Scout Cookie Cereal is Coming

But will it still only be for a limited time?

Most of us are familiar with that special time of year: Girl Scout Cookie season. If you don’t know a Girl Scout personally, chances are you know someone whose child sells them–or you’ve happened to spot a table outside your local grocery store and decided to stock up on enough boxes of Thin Mints to last you several months.

While I’m may still be primarily attached to the cookies themselves, there’s now going to be another means for Girl Scout Cookie fans to get their hands on some of their favorite flavors–and it’s Girl Scout Cookie Cereal.

Rumors began to swirl last week on the internet that cereal flavors would be released–and today, General Mills themselves confirmed that the rumors are true, posting a tweet along with an image of two of the potential cereal flavors, Caramel Crunch and Thin Mints. All we know now is that the cereal will be available in January 2017–kind of a nice way to kick off the new year after the trash fire of 2016, huh?

There’s no confirmation yet on whether these will be the only two Girl Scout Cookie Cereals released by General Mills–or if they’ll only be out for a limited time. On the other hand, since the cookies themselves come and go every season it makes sense that the cereal may only be out there long enough for aficionados to stock up until the new cookie season arrives.

(via The Daily Dot)

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