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Turn GIFs Into Old-Timey Flip Films With The Giphoscope

It was so hard not to turn this post into a full-on GIF party.


We love sharing GIFs online – emails, Tumblr, Facebook; wherever, GIFs are always the appropriate response. Luckily for us, some folks over in Turin, Italy have taken GIF-sharing to a whole new level, creating the Giphoscope: a beautiful and functional piece of GIF art for your home.

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This analog GIF player is entirely handmade, inspired by the Mutoscope, an early motion picture device which operates like a fancy flip book. The Giphoscope team breaks your favorite GIF down into individual images, fixes the images onto aluminum cards, and assembles them onto a circular core, allowing you to crank your GIF into motion.


Since each Giphoscope is hand-made in Italy, they’ll run you over $400 each. But if you’re a GIF-lover, what price is too high to see your favorite in motion?

Here’s what I’ll be sending in. A true classic.


What GIF would you have Giphoscoped?

(via The Verge, images via Giphoscope)

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