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Giant Puzzle Collages Made from Many Layers of Pieces From Various Puzzles


German artist Gerhard Mayer makes enormous and complicated collages out of puzzles. Whereas a normal person assembles a bunch of pieces into a singular, cohesive picture, Mayer assembles a bunch of puzzles into a singular, cohesive picture, sometimes up to 18 meters in size, running the length of a gallery wall. Mayer uses a technique in which he constructs multiple layers of puzzle pieces over other sections that were previously constructed, creating a scene that seems like a mishmash, but actually displays a coherent visual when its entirety is taken in. Mayer is also the real deal, as he places each piece by hand, and doesn’t use any outside coloring in order to make his collages so vibrant. Head on past the break to see some more of the gigantic mishmash collages.

(via Oddity Central)

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