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Ghostbusters International Trailer Features Lots of New Footage, One Talking Man

And some hilariously terrible logos.

Only women spoke in the first Ghostbusters trailer, but the new international trailer features lots of new footage, including some dialogue from Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin the Secretary.

Personally, I prefer this trailer a little to the one we saw last week, partially because I felt the original trailer revealed a little too much of the plot for my liking, and partially because this trailer acknowledges some of the biases the Ghostbusters face as women and, in Patty’s case, a woman of color. I’m not sure it’s doing that with the ideal amount of nuance, but I’m trying to reserve most of my judgment for the actual movie. It’s also interesting to note that this new trailer refers to the original Ghostbusters as “four friends” whereas last week’s called them “four scientists.”

Thoughts on this trailer, gang? Are you a fan of the new jokes highlighted here? Do you sense some chemistry between Kristen Wiig’s Erin and Kevin, or are you shipping Erin/Jillian?

giphy (33)

You know what team I’m on.

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