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New Ghostbusters Visit a Children’s Hospital, Turn Our Hearts to Marshmallow

Hey there, haters? You just got slimed.


Who you gonna call when some sick kids need some cheering up? The Ghostbusters, of course.

Yes, it turns out that our new Ghostbusters (that’s Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy, in case you needed reminding, Dudebusters) visited a children’s hospital on Saturday and not only were they rocking full costumes (proton packs and all), but it looks like they were in the highest of spirits (pun kinda intended?) the whole time.


Ghostbusters Hospital 3

The photos of the gals posing with the patients were initially posted online by the folks at Tufts Medical Center, which houses the Floating Hospital for Children they were visiting, and you can view them all on Tufts’ Facebook page. Beware of the trolls, though, as they are out in such full force in the comments section that the hospital (!!) had to post a status reminding people that comments “with profanity” would be taken off the page (!!!!!!!!!).


Seriously, people, whether or not you’re for these specific Ghostbusters, there’s no reason to be posting rude comments on photos posted by and featuring a children’s hospital.  Talk about ruining childhoods.


(via E! via Tufts Medical Center)

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