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Get 500 Hours of Design Training for $29

If you want a job in the design, computer animation, or game development industries, you need to master the tools first. Luckily, the tools are easy to master from home and on your own time—as long as you’ve got your hands on the Ultimate Design & Animation Bundle. Get it for $29 at the Mary Sue Shop.

The tools in question: DesignCAD, Unity, Photoshop, InDesign, Autodesk MAYA, and more. You’ll learn the ins and outs of them all through 500 hours of training and 60+ courses taught by experts in the industries you’re trying to break into. Get your head around character animation, engineering, 3D design, and anything else you want to learn before breaking into the design, computer animation, or game dev industries. You’ll come out of the courses with certificates of completion to show prospective employers, and the confidence to use your skills starting day one on the job.

Get the Ultimate Design & Animation Bundle for $29 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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