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Germany’s CeBIT Has Robot Strippers, Judgment Day Draws Near

Or technically pole-dancers, but I don't think our robot overlords will appreciate the difference.


In a move that would make Dr. Evil proud, Germany’s Tobit Software has created pole-dancing robots as their own personal “booth babes” at the CeBIT computer expo at the Hanover fairground in Lower Saxony, Germany. You can watch them creepily swivel their metal hips and probably give our future robot masters a good reason to start their uprising.

Here, you can watch it for yourself before you see it pop up in anti-human propaganda in 20 years:

If you thought your job was safe from being taken by robots, this video begs to differ. There’s pretty much nothing engineers won’t try to replicate with robots. In fact, Tobit has brought the robots to the show before, but this year, they’ve been improved their stipper-job-stealing technology with “more color, we changed them to get bigger breasts,” as a Tobit representative told RuptlyTV.

Usually, my reaction to new robots ranges anywhere from amazement to primal terror, but these ones just leave me kind of confused. I mean, I guess it’s kind of a gross yet effective way to draw attention to your business, but the ones at the show are also on sale, according to the BBC, for the low price of $39,500.

(via The Verge, image via RuptlyTV on YouTube)

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