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Gen Zed, the First Animated Series With a Trans Actress In a Lead Role, Releases First Trailer!

"Nothing like coming of age in a world where all the good Twitter names are gone, 'cause you were born too late..."

What happens when four online gamers meet up in real life and move in together? No, I’m not talking about some weird The Guild sequel. I’m talking about Gen Zed, an animated series for the millennial generation about four young adults who grew up — and wondered why they bothered. The series won’t be available online until late 2015, but you can check out their first ever trailer above!

What makes this series special? Well first off, it’s the first animated series ever to feature a transgender actress in the lead role. That would be 19-year-old Shona (voiced by Julie Rei Goldstein), a trans girl who dreams of being a stand-up comic and ends up moving in with a train wreck, a trouble maker, and a trustifarian. Secondly, it’s got some amazing talent behind it. In addition to voice talent from people like Jane Wiedlin (from the band The GoGos) and Richard Schiff (The West Wing, Manhattan), it’s also edited by Futurama‘s Paul Calder, and written and directed by Hayden Black, creator of Goodnight, Burbank, which was the first half-hour comedy to go from the web to television.

Want more info on the show? You can check out the Gen Zed website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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