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Geekolinks: 8/19

Droid Car

  1. Here are some things you probably need to know about ice cream trucks. (Mental Floss)
  2. Wikileaks certainly looks like it just released 400 GB worth of encrypted “insurance” torrents into the wild. (The Daily Dot)
  3. This Wendy’s training video from the mid-80’s has it’s very own Max Headroom knockoff! (The Braiser)
  4. Here’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting Cthulhu. Spoiler Alert: Tentacles. Lots of ’em. (The Jane Dough)
  5. The actress who plays Sansa Stark just adopted the dog who plays her direwolf. (The Mary Sue)
  6. Patton Oswalt is so good at Twitter, he’s even good at being bad at Twitter. (UPROXX)
  7. Is there a cosplay getup that doesn’t look better with giant googly eyes? There is not. (Neatorama)

(Title pic via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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