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Geekolinks: 6/15


Super Selfie

  1. Some classic comic book moments that are classically sexist (GeekSugar)
  2. Rumored 12th Doctor actors respond to casting rumors (The Mary Sue)
  3. Poignant photos of animals pondering life in a zoo (Flavorwire)
  4. Nutella + Medical Marijuana = Nugtella (The Braiser)
  5. Patton Oswalt addressing joke thieves, hecklers, and rape jokes in a “closed letter” (UPROXX)
  6. Terrible advice from fathers of yore to their daughters (Mental Floss)
  7. Russians help this fox get its head out of a jar, because awwwwwwww (Hyper Vocal)

(Title pic via Reddit)

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