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Geekolinks 4/29


  1. Wow. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 McDonald’s toys are even worse than that blu-ray case. (The Mary Sue)
  2. Why are there “Missing Mice” posters all over New York? (Sploid)
  3. Man out for walk finds 10 foot python in bag. (HuffPo Weird)
  4. Here’s a “Taxidermied teacup tauntaun.” See for yourself. (Boing Boing )
  5. Guy Fieri: the haiku. (The Braiser)
  6. Robert Downey Jr.’s twitter continues to be great. Here’s a picture from the Avengers: Age of Dinner! (Uproxx)
  7. How to (safely) flatten a hamster. (Laughing Squid)

(Title Pic via Voxorz on Reddit)

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