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Geekolinks 1/23


  1. Let’s watch this guy balance a car on his head for 33 seconds (Neatorama)
  2. Chloe Moretz wants more female superheroes to lead movies, and we’re fine with that (The Mary Sue)
  3. A customized Ninja Turtle NES? Yeah, we want that (Geeksugar)
  4. Glenn Beck finally admits that maybe he might have torn the country apart with his awfulness (Mediaite)
  5. 11 brand names with very confusing plural forms (Mental Floss)
  6. The Girl Scouts now have a line of gluten-free cookies (The Braiser)
  7. The ugliest video game of all time is for sale (Wired)

(Title pic via pablothedog on Reddit)

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