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Geekolinks 12/16


  1. A dedicated guy went on a crime spree to feed 120 stray cats (HuffPo Weird)
  2. Here’s a handy chart to keep you up to date on Godzilla’s physique (UPROXX)
  3. Mental Floss has 12 facts about “12 Days of Christmas” for you (Mental Floss)
  4. Here’s a list of geek stocking suffers for under $20 (GeekSugar)
  5. Yup. Realistic Pokémon are still terrifying (Geekologie)
  6. There really will be a World War Z sequel. At least it can’t be worse than a real apocalypse (The Mary Sue)
  7. Something crazy (and not at all expected) happened on Family Guy last night… (Gossip Cop)

(Title pic via daftneypunk on Reddit)

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