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Geekolinks 10/3


  1. 10 useful features of VLC that you probably don’t know about (How To Geek)
  2. The origins of 42 idioms as explained by John Green (The Mary Sue)
  3. Hey, here’s a tip: don’t transport your husbands ashes using the USPS, because they’re gonna lose gim (HuffPo Weird)
  4. Speaking of ashes, you wanna have your sent to space? You can do that now (Geek Sugar)
  5. Arnold might be returning to the Conan franchise. Wait, what?? (The Mary Sue)
  6. 5 high-tech gadgets for your next tailgating party (Guy Code Blog)
  7. These failed attempts at video game realism are pretty hilarious (Cracked)

(Title pic via Tumblr)

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