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The Holiday Gift Guide for the Geek Fashion Lover in Your Life

Crimson Peak Was Good Superyaki shirt

Geek fashion is something that can make any fan feel like they are one with their favorite property. This holiday season, get the nerdiest fan in your life something that speaks to them and the properties they know and love and love some more! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite places to find clothes that let our geek flag fly.

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Super Yaki

Spider-Man 2 shirt from Super Yaki

Super Yaki is the perfect geeky fashion choice. Their clothing and merchandise often have hyper-specific, winking movies/references that fans want to wear. These cheeky, ironic, and often just plain true statements (like JUDY GREER SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE LEAD) are found on shirts, sweatshirts, pins, and much more. (I will admit to spending much money on their shirts with absolutely no regrets.) For the holiday season, Super Yaki is restocking some of their classics from throughout the year in case you missed them the first time around. As someone who is constantly wishing I had purchased their Bong Joon-Ho shirt, allow me to advise you to grab their stuff while you can.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters


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The Christmas sweater game has grown throughout the years and now fans can thrive in their favorite “ugly” sweaters from I was sent the Baby Yoda sweater inspired by The Mandalorian and it is truly one of the most comfortable sweaters I’ve ever owned. Helps that I have a sweet little Baby Yoda now with me wherever I go. But they have a wide array of choices from Rick & Morty to Step Brothers and beyond, so there is something for every fan.


Jordandené, the brainchild of Jordan Ellis, is a great way to support a female led business in the geek fashion industry

Jordandené is a New York-based company that brings our love of fandom to life through quotes from our favorite characters and witty references. Their Star Wars shirts, including “Kylo Ren Is A Punk Bitch” have been a highlight for fans of the franchise, and Jordandené recently released a line inspired by V.E. Schwab’s The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and other badass ladies of science fiction. It’s a great company with a devoted following, and their crop sweatshirts are some of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. (Yes, I have 2 different Spider-Man inspired ones. What were you expecting?)


Svaha geek-inspired dresses

Purveyor of all things STEM-related and beautiful to wear, geek fashion site Svaha is currently having a 50% off sale! Vitally, ALL OF SVAHA’S DRESSES AND SKIRTS HAVE POCKETS, and their clothes are themed with incredible patterns featuring everything from dinosaurs to DNA. There are tons of awesome things to wear and accessories for adults, children, and even babies. It’s never too early to start that baby off right with an engineering or otter-related onesie. Sweaters


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Want incredibly nerdy gifts that are warm, cozy, and just the hint of a secret? Then check out From holiday sweaters to sweatshirts and much more, the site has the right gift for all the geeks on your holiday gift list. Seriously, everything, from lamps to socks to prop replicas and so much more. You can also sort gifts by property (like Coraline and Captain Marvel), or interest (anime, ’80s pop culture, etc.), I also often love a nerdy outfit that isn’t quite so obvious at first glance, and has some beautiful options that are affordable. Can’t wait to wear my Wonder Woman sweater this Christmas to watch Wonder Woman 1984! There’s still time before Christmas to receive your order, so if you’ve been dawdling on about shopping, you have the chance to catch up.

Did we miss your favorite purveyor of geek fashion? Let us know in the comments!

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