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This Commercial About a Girl And Her Scientist Mom Will Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes

We Can Be Heroes

ThinkProgress contrasts GE’s Super Bowl ad with Volkswagon’s offering, in which there are a whole slew of car genius engineers, a whopping zero of which are women. (There is a lady scientist, but her sole purpose is so the ad can have an “accidental groping on the elevator” joke, because LOL women are so touchy about the threat of sexual harassment!) I don’t recommend watching that one, but if you want to, it’s behind the jump. Instead I’d watch GE’s ad, in which a girl waxes rhapsodic about all the things her scientist mom makes, a second time.

Update: The GE commercial got nominated for the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Commercial! Here’s what it’s up against. Fingers crossed for victory, fellow nerds.

(via: ThinkProgress)

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