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Start Your Weekend Off With a Crapton of Awesome Game of Thrones Videos

Does the supercut of every on-screen death in Game of Thrones, above, not do it for you? Maybe you’d prefer a humorous recap of the series so far—we have one done in emojis and another one set to “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or if you’re more with the classy and less with the humor, there’s a flashmob performing the theme song. And if Game of Thrones isn’t quiiiite out of your system after all that, there’s a video depicting it as a ‘70s sitcom.

All of that (and more!—No, just that, actually) is under the jump. There’s something for everyone! Unless you’re Joffrey. Screw you, Joffrey.

(via: io9, Wired, Laughing Squid, The A.V. Club, Wired)

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