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Hold Onto your Dragons: Here Are New Lady-Filled Deleted Scenes from Season 4 of Game of Thrones

All men must die, but we are not men.

What’s more, they’re both episodes that speak to the motivations of Daenerys, Shae and Missandei, three of the show’s most complicated and underused female characters—which really means they probably should have made it to air. Oh, yeah, Bronn’s in there too. He’s pretty rad.

The above scene follows Bronn and Shae out of Tyrion’s quarters just after he forces her out of his life in “The Lion and the Rose.” I suppose they probably wanted to give as much time to Margarey and Joffrey’s wedding as they could, but I can’t help feeling that having this scene in place would have helpful for understanding why Shae “adapts” upon her return to King’s Landing, so to speak, and would have painted Tyrion as a much more complicated—and, yes, unsympathetic—character than the show usually allows him to be.

Speaking of complicated characters, the below scene depicts Missandei tending to Daenerys in the aftermath of Jorah’s banishment in “The Mountain and The Viper.” Again, the removal of this scene makes sense given the overall context of the episode—wanna get in as much Oberyn monologuing as possible—but this also would have been a great way to show just how Daenerys uses her steely “conquering hero” identity as a defense mechanism. People complain about how Queen Cersei is a needlessly paranoid character, but from this point on (in the books, at least) so too is Dany; she just has the manpower to back her up. Which won’t work forever, of course…

Anybody else extra pumped for Dany in season 5, now? Just me?

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