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Gail Simone Asked Who Our Cartoon Crushes Are, and We Delivered

scar in animated the lion king

Gail Simone is an extremely interesting person. She can write brilliant comic storylines, bring people together on Twitter, and then she can ask us her “Stupid Question Of The Day” and get it trending. Why the hashtag for today’s particular question took off so quickly, though, is because Simone simply asked everyone to share those kissable faves from when we were kids.

So now I don’t feel as bad sharing that I had crushes on Prince Eric and Scar. Scar is the one I’d normally be made to feel bad about admitting, but it’s 2019, and I don’t. I blame Jeremy Irons. Prince Eric, though … glad he just translated to my real-life human type. Cartoons: They get us.

Talking with some of the other Mary Sue employees, what has come to my attention is that I clearly missed out on the Robin Hood thirst. Everyone is super into a cartoon fox, and I feel like I’m personally missing out on some sexual awakening.

That being said, it’s fun to look at everyone’s crushes and what those say about them as kids. Shoutout to all those in love with every character from Gargoyles. You’re all the real MVPs.

From replies to just tweeting out the hashtags, many joined in on the fun, and honestly, there were some good-looking cartoons out there when we were growing up.

Make sure to check out the #1stCartoonCrush tag on Twitter for more amazing options because yes, we all have cartoon crushes, and that’s okay. No one can shame me for my crush on Scar.

(image: Disney)

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