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Things We Saw Today: Gail Simone Asked Us “Fake Nerd Girls” to Raise Our Hands and We Answered the Call


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It’s 2019, but we’re still getting trapped in the same old game of “fake nerd girl” questions that women have faced for centuries. Essentially, what happens is that women (or non-binary) folk are faced with criticism that they are being “fake” in their dedicated geek nature.

This is usually determined by a condescending trivia quiz, as though you’re here to impress the head nerdboy inquisitor, or in being advised away from consuming certain media as “not for you.”

It’s most often an attempt to gatekeep access to a fandom or field of work, employed as a test of authenticity. For example: oh, you like Marvel? Do you even read Marvel comics? Which runs exactly and which writers and artists do you claim to like? What was the name of Stan Lee’s dog? You can’t escape this sort of questioning even if you are a woman or non-binary person literally writing for Marvel comics. In that case, the attention and grilling can be even worse. Wash, rinse, and repeat, for innumerable other properties.

For years, we’ve had to defend our nerdery and for years, it’s been frustrating. As comic superstar Gail Simone found out on Twitter today, a lot of us have encountered this. A lot.

A small smattering of the replies:

And on and on and on. The over 1,000 responses to Simone’s tweet proves that quite a few of us have experienced the “are you even a real fan” inquiry, in a wide variety of fields. So the next time you want to accuse someone of being a “fake fan” of something … maybe don’t?

Here are some other stories we saw:

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  • The House passed a pretty big gun control bill while in the middle of the Michael Cohen testimony. (via Huffington Post)
  • Selma Blair wants to make fashionable clothing for disabled people and we could not be more here for it. (via Jezebel)

See anything else worth talking about today?

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