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Gail Simone Gets Brands Talking … About Marvel vs. DC

And Wendy's has to prove they're not a fake geek girl, because fanboys gonna fanboy.

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Gail Simone, a feminist comic book icon, has been having a blast on Twitter. She’s usually having a good day trolling Comicsgaters or telling us how to brew tea, but today really is top notch. She has been polling brands and chains, from Little Debbies to Waffle House, about where they come down on the Marvel vs. DC divide. More importantly, the brands have been answering.

Of course, Wendy’s had to defend itself from people crying “fake geek fast food chain, “because fanboys are going to fanboy and decry anything with a female avatar as being a fake—or really anyone that doesn’t agree with them as being a fake.

Marvel was certainly glad to have the burger institution in its corner.

Little Debbie’s asked for peace between the franchises, proving it is possible to coexist, and dropped some serious cultural commentary in the process.

Even some brands who weren’t initially tweeted joined in the fray.

Honestly, given that Waffle House and others have weighed in on Star Wars ships (shout out to Auntie Anne’s for supporting Finn/Rey), it’s not surprising to see brands and those running their Twitter accounts taking sides in one of the great pop culture debates. Brands have tried to become more likable and engaging on Twitter, following trends and trying to stay on the tip top of everything. While you might have never thought to ask whether your favorite brand prefers Batman to Spider-Man, that’s where we are as a culture now.

Follow Simone on Twitter for more brand-related humor and just generally awesome tweets. Do you hope Burger King weighs in? What brands do you think would like Marvel, and which would prefer DC? This is clearly something that must be investigated for meme purposes.

(image: Warner Bros/Marvel)

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