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Futurama Season 7 Is On!

And All Was Right With the World

Ok, so we’re kind of on cartoon overload here, but hey! There’s news!

Fresh from the mouth of Maurice LaMarche (I guess we’re kind of having a Maurice LaMarche overload today too), Futurama is totally definitely renewed for a seventh season. LaMarche is the voice of Kif Kroker, Morbo, Calculon, Lrrr, the Horrible Gelatinous Blob, Walt, Hedonism Bot, and DonBot, to name but a few.

As befitting the the voice of Hedonism Bot, LaMarche made the announcement wearing, what else, his bathrobe (in the middle of celebrating his made up holiday International Talk Like William Shatner Day). Nothing is really known about the season, most annoyingly whether it will be a full season or just a half one like season six. But either way, we’re getting more Futurama.

(via Big Shiny Robot!)

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