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Awesome-Looking Funko Pop Gargoyles Figures Had Better Include Demona and Elisa

If Damona and Elisa aren't in the first gen, I will scream-cry.

Yesterday, Funko released their video preview of the upcoming Gargoyles pops, and I think I cried, screamed, and gasped all at the same time. The video shows one of the main characters, the old leader, Hudson, holding his signature dagger. The color work on the pop looks fantastic, with the attention to his mismatched eyes and scar. The wings also look really cool. In terms of character design, I can see why they would show Hudson first; he has the most detail on his face compared to the others.

Growing up, Gargoyles was one of those shows I just loved, even though I didn’t fully understand what made it so epic. Much like Batman: The Animated Series, it was a show that knew how to tackle adult issues, while making sure that children could watch it and see the typical story of good versus evil.

Funko has had some issues with issuing female Pops and non-white character Pops of major shows, so I’m hoping very hard that they will not just release figures of the male gargoyles and leave out Elisa and Demona.

Elisa, an awesome woman of color cop, who was Native American (Hopi) and black, throughout the series demonstrated bravery and humanity as a guiding light/source of inspiration for the Manhattan Clan, not to mention she was the original Shape of Water fan through her own cross-species relationship with the gargoyle Goliath.

Demona is up there with Glory (Buffy), Callisto (Xena), and Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender) as one of most badass female villains. Not only is she ruthless in her hatred of humans, but the show does an excellent job at showing how she got that way, frem highlighting the fantastic racism her kind dealt with in the dark ages, to being betrayed by Macbeth (it’s a weird show) into the modern era. As a little black girl, a lot of her anger made sense to me, even if I didn’t have that kind of hate in me. It’s rare to see a female villain driven in that way and not just by pure world domination aspirations. Demona is a political warrior gone fanatic, and witnessing that as a pre-teen gave me a raised bar for female heroines ever since.

All this to say, that if Elisa and Demona are not in the original run of Pops, I will be most displeased.

What are your favorite ’90s shows that still need Funko Pop releases?

(via Funko Twitter, image: screenshot)

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