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Thank You, 2020, for Frog Lady and Nothing Else

I finally felt seen in a Star Wars property.

frog lady in the mandalorian

Nothing brought me joy this year like Frog Lady did—just a woman on a mission to protect her family, who happened to end up with Din Djarin in space. An absolute LEGEND, if you ask me.

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When she first appeared on Disney+’s The Mandalorian, I was just overcome with such joy because she was just a woman trying to get her eggs fertilized. She didn’t care about Din and his mission; she didn’t care about anything else, really. She just wanted her husband, her kids, and to hitch a ride to this planet that Din needed to go to.

Frog Lady had one goal, and that was it. She didn’t care about the great struggles of the galaxy, and she didn’t even really care what Din Djarin told her to do. She just wanted to do what was necessary for her safety and the safety of her eggs, even if that meant just going and finding a hot tub.

I think part of the love for Frog Lady comes from the fact that she is a relatable character in the world of Star Wars—much like how Grogu is. Look, I’d LOVE to be the Princess Leia of the world, or even Jyn Erso, but in reality, I’m more of a Frog Lady—just trying to exist, doing my nonsense, being humble.

And I’m not alone. The internet clung to her, basked in her glory, and understood that Frog Lady is somehow the character to bring us all together because she truly did not give a single f**k about what Din told her to do.

Like just LOOK at this queen.

Not to mention my need to now go to karaoke with Frog Lady.

That happiness I felt over Frog Lady is continuing with the behind-the-scenes look at The Mandalorian that the Disney Gallery gives to fans—meaning there’s just a picture of Misty Rosas as Frog Lady and Pedro Pascal smiling at each other.

Just, the pure joy this picture has given me in this sh*t year …

I do hope we see more of Frog Lady in season 3. I dunno, maybe Din shows up for dinner one night or something. I don’t really care. The Mandalorian could focus an entire arc on that planet with the squid man in a sweater, and I think I’d be okay with that.

calamari in a sweater on the mandalorian

Frog Lady, thank you. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to become a fun mom looking for a hot tub, but that’s where my 2020 has taken me.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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