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You Can Bid on Fringe’s Alternate Universe DC Comics Covers

Remember those alternate universe comic book covers that DC cooked up for a sneaky appearance in an episode of Fringe?


Well, go look, they were pretty cool.  They appeared in this year’s Fringe season finale, as alternate versions of some of the most famous DC issues.  Meltdown Comics has gotten a hold of one of each of the five fake covers, and is auctioning them off, with all the proceeds going to Autism Speaks.

Technically, of course, they’re not really covers.  They were never actually books behind the images; they are essentially prints.  Props that went in some frames and were hung on the walls of a set.  Meltdown explains the deal:

Ten sets of the covers were created for production of the episode in which they were featured. There are no more then 10 of each cover, of which these are one.

To the best of our knowledge no other versions of these covers will ever be made, and these will remain as rare as they are today forever.

It’s nice to know that the people behind Fringe understand the kind of lure these items have to the comic book fan (and the fans of their show), and it’s nice to know that they decided to use that power for good.

You can check out the covers (and the real covers they are spoofing) in our post about it.

You can check out the auction here.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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