Public Service Announcement: Free Comic Book Day is In Two Weeks!

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This is just your friendly reminder to start planning, because Free Comic Book Day is in two weeks!  If you don’t know what Free Comic Book Day is, dwell in anguish no more:

Free Comic Book Day is the yearly date when you can show up at any participating store (usually one of the closest ones to you) and grab more than thirty comic issues for absolutely free.  Yes, they’re put out by a great swath of the industry’s publishers.  Yes, you can have as many as you want, as long as you don’t take more than one of the same title.  Yes, it is awesome.

FCBD is a promotional event aimed at getting new readers to come in, old readers to come back, and regular readers excited.  It’s been going on annually since 2002, usually on the first Saturday in May.

This year we can expect to see Iron Man, Shrek, and Superman, as well as characters from Archie, G.I.JOE, Mouse Guard, and Toy Story in the comics at any participating store.  Depending on what else your local store has ordered, there might also be Sonic the Hedgehog, Green Hornet, The Tick, Owly, The Simpsons, and DC Kids comics in evidence.  You can check out the whole list, with many previews, here.

One important thing to remember about Free Comic Book Day is that the comics are only free for us.  Our lovely local retailers pay between 12 and 50 cents per comic, which adds up when you’re expecting your inventory to go like it’s free… which it is.  They won’t ask, and so I will: while you’re in there, buy a trade or a poster or a game or a rulebook.  You’re already getting a ton of free comics!  You’ll be helping support the independent stores that do a lot to create fan community.

See you on May 1st!  For more info, including a widget to find a participating store, the Free Comic Book Day website is here.

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