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You! Yeah, You! We Want Your Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day Pics!

May The Force Be With You

This weekend’s a big one for geekery: Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day (ICYMI, here are the two reviews we did of this year’s offerings), and Sunday is Star Wars Day. We know a lot of our readers are going to be cool cats doing cool cat things on one or both of those days, whether it’s dressing up to go to your local comic book store, hosting an Original Trilogy viewing party, or Force choking someone for questioning your ability to squash a Rebel army. And we want pictures! (Unless it’s the Force choking thing. We’re pretty sure there could be a legal liability issue there.)

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Here’s what we need:

Send a picture of your exploits, along with the names of the people involved (group names and nicknames are acceptable—but no Dick Hertzes, please), and location info to [email protected]. That last one is completely optional–we understand wanting to stay on the down low—but I’m sure our local comic book shop would appreciate the shout-out if you’re sending a FCBD pic from their hallowed, comic-filled halls.

The deadlines are:


  • 10AM EST, Sunday 5/4 for Free Comic Book Day pics.
  • 10AM EST, Monday 5/5 for Star Wars Day pics.

Check back on each of those respective days to see if your pic made it into one of our galleries. And may the Force/Fourth be with you.

(image from Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk – 4K, which you all need to watch if you haven’t already.)

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