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Get Free Cloud Storage From Microsoft and Google—102GB of It

I just need some space.


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Free stuff! Well, space. 102GB worth of space. But it’s free! Provided to you by Microsoft and Google.

So you know how Bing is the sad, neglected little brother of the internet search engine world? Well, Microsoft (who owns Bing) wants you to give it a little more attention, and they’re gonna give you 100GB storage if you do.

If you sign up for their Big Rewards program, you can get the 100GB plus the other “big” rewards that go along with the program. Each time you search for stuff on Bing, you get points, and then you can use these points to get gift cards or buy stuff. You’ll also get an e-mail newsletter that you’ll no doubt unsubscribe from immediately.

Usually, Microsoft charges people $1.99 a month for 100GB, so this is a good deal in the long term. And hey, maybe you’ll like using Bing. Who knows? Anything’s possible.

Microsoft’s offer ends February 28.

What about Google? Well, they’re giving you 2GB of permanent space if you check your account settings and security. They’re trying to prevent hacks, and it helps to have people update their passwords and check their settings. You might as well go for it, because it’s easy and something you should probably do anyway. Google’s just looking out for you, but you have to get it done by February 17 to get the free bonus storage.

Go forth and get free storage!

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