Zooey Deschanel Is Producing an Animated Fairy Tale Sitcom for Fox

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Kristen Wiig Cinderella is looking all judgey-judgey in this pic, but I actually have optimistic feelings about Queen of Everything. I just couldn’t resist having her facial expression on The Mary Sue. I feel a very spiritual connection to it.

Via DeadlineQueen of Everything

is a workplace comedy set in a modern fairytale world. It centers on an evil queen who comes into power and realizes that running a Queendom isn’t easy when you have no people skills and everyone hates you. With the help of her staff, she’ll try to change her ways.

So… like Once Upon a Time, except a comedy. And animated. And no Henry, presumably. Thank you, God. The show’s being co-produced by Zooey Deschanel, who’s a producer on The New Girl in addition to starring in it, and Sophia Rossi. The executive producing and writing roles falls to Ali Waller, a writer on American Dad!, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and—going allllll the way back to 2005—The Showbiz Show with David Spade.

I have made no secret on this site how very, very done I am with all the bajillion fairy tale projects that have been popping up like weeds since Alice in Wonderland made all that money. (Yes, there were obviously fairy tale projects before that, but Burton’s Alice is when studios really perked their heads up and said “Look! Something we can make money off of!”) But I’m a big fan of, y’know, comedy and laughing and things like that. And the idea of an animated sitcom about fairy tales that’s run by ladies is all too delicious. I have no particular feelings about Deschanel (except how bugged I am at the general notion of gorgeous actresses with gorgeous wardrobes playing gorgeous social misfit women, particularly when the setting is high school… OK maybe I have feelings in the general vicinity of Deschanel), but I’ve heard The New Girl is good.

Satire it up, ladies.

(via: Deadline)

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