Extended Gotham Trailer Heralds Full Season Commitment to the Batman Prequel Show; Poison Ivy!

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!
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There’s a full trailer for Fox’s upcoming Gotham series, set ten to fifteen years before the first appearance of Batman, and with it the announcement that the show will be put through for a full first season. Also heretofore unannounced: the inclusion of a young Poison Ivy in the series.

It’s not particularly surprising that Gotham has been picked up for a full first season of “at least” thirteen episodes. When Fox acquired it September, it was with the understanding that it would be with a series commitment. That is: Fox Television would give the show at least one season, or have to pay Warner Bros. a hefty fine. But now we know that they’ve definitely taken option A, and Fox has released the extended trailer to prove it:

The trailer doesn’t have anything in it that we haven’t seen in an announcement or poster before… except for the moment at 1:50 where we get a glimpse of another member of Batman’s rogues gallery for the fist time: Poison Ivy. The show looks like it’s ready to start setting up a familiar conflict in Gotham City stories told before or at the beginning of Batman’s career: the entrenched organized crime system vs. a new generation of strange and supernaturally gifted ego-driven thieves and murderers. It’s a conflict where the audience already knows the outcome, but it certainly makes me worry about Fish Mooney, so far the show’s only wrong-side-of-the-law character who isn’t lifted from the comics. The world of fiction has far too few ruthlessly competent female mob bosses, and so I hope she’ll stick around a long time. In my wildest dreams, maybe she’ll even reach platinum for original characters in comic book adaptations: make it into comic books themselves.

Gotham is shaping up to be a really interesting alternate universe, and if it does something in its first couple episodes that makes me turn off the TV and never watch it again, it’ll probably be on the account of my over-exact standards for Batman adaptations, not the show’s faults. After all, how many folks out there have wanted a version of Gotham where everybody is like high school aged and has to interact with each other?

(via Geekosystem.)

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