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Foursquare Sets New Daily Check-In Record


This morning Dennis Crowley, the founder of the check-in service Foursquare, tweeted that the company set a new record for the number of check-ins in a single day. Crowley says that yesterday during Foursquare Day (4/16, four-squared, get it?), users checked-in with the service over three million times. He gives the exact count as 3,073,635.

This announcement not only trumpets the success of the Foursquare Day promotion, which was a grassroots creation merely supported by the check-in service, but also a mile-stone for the company. Last year, the company clocked their first record for single day checkins at a million, which looks quite paltry compared to yesterday’s achievement.

Despite the service’s early critics and rising competition from Gowalla, FaceBook, and Google, Foursquare is certainly making an effort to show that it is still relevant. Though single-day use of a service is not a clear-cut metric for use, especially during a promotional event, it does show that Foursquare continues to be a major player in the social networking world. If nothing else, it shows that people love to earn their badges.

(Twitter via The Next Web)

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